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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sock Monkey and His Pet Fish

Jonah LOVES his Gourami fish, as you can see, he is mesmerized by both of them.  When it's warmer outside Jonah wants me to take a picture of him and his pond in the back yard.  He has Shubunkin Goldfish in his outside pond.  Last summer, Jonah jumped into the pond to swim with his fish.  Oh what a mess he was after that.  He needed a bath and had to dry out in the sun.  I don't think he'll be doing that again, he doesn't like taking baths, he says the bubbles tickle his nose.


MelanieC said...

You crack me up! I ordered some socks yesterday. They should be arriving at your place sometime this week or next. She chose a zebra print with flourescent pink!

Kelly said...

Just want to make sure, does she want her monkey to have a tattoo? If so, does she want Mom, Dad or M&D? I would probably have to put M&D and not mom and dad as the monkey's arms aren't big enough for both. Unless she wants two tats. I'm assuming this is a girl monkey since she is flourescent pink. With that being the case I could put a tat on the back of her shoulder, lower back, ankle...etc....this would be the first time I've attempted other areas, but I think its do-able. Let me know what Rach wants.

Rebecca Smith said...

please email with sock monkey